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Beyond Parsley Catering is based out of Aliquippa, PA, and offers its services for a variety of group events, including banquets, corporate dinners, wedding receptions and birthday parties. Choose from an extensive menu of hors d'oeuvres, entrees and desserts.



How To Choose your Wedding Reception Site   by Leah Bacon

Before you book the caterer and decide on a menu, the first decision you need to make is where to have your reception. Here are some things you should consider first!


Before you get set sight on the perfect site for you, check their availability and see if they have the dates open that you are looking for.


When choosing both your ceremony and reception sites be sure that the location is able to hold the number of guests you are planning on inviting. Consideration needs to be given if you are planning on having a sit-down dinner, buffet, band or DJ, dance floor, etc, as this will make a difference to the size of venue you will require.


As much as we don't want to think about it, weather always plays a factor in your wedding day. Be sure that the location you choose is able to accommodate your needs given inclement weather.


With all the preparations needing to take place for a fantastic wedding, choose a location that is easily accessible to yourself, your vendors, as well as your guests. Weddings in far off places can be a challenge to everyone involved and also may increase your costs for transportation, etc. This includes ample parking as well.


If you plan to have a reception in a banquet hall, hotel ballroom or country club, beware that you may not be alone. Often, these venues may have other functions going on at the same time so be sure that you are able to cordon off your own area and ensure privacy.


A very important consideration in choosing your location is the theme and/or mood you want to create for your special day. Some venues may lack windows and adequate light while others may lack character or elegance. Before you choose your location, make sure it is in keeping with the atmosphere you are trying to create. Not only will you be able to capture the right mood, you will save yourself the added expense of lighting, decorations, props, etc.

About the Author - Leah Bacon is the Founder of - an online wedding planning resource for brides.



The Wedding Others Will Envy   by

Have you always dreamed about having a celebrity wedding or the wedding that your friends will be talking about for years to come? I am going to tell you how to have that wedding that everyone will envy even your mother-in-law!

Wedding Theme

Get a theme and get one fast. Find one that represents you and your finance. It is important to have a theme because if you are not careful you could end up with a wedding with several different themes. It is easy just to start planning without really thinking about how you want it all to come together. Start with your hobbies or interests. Are you into country, contemporary or historical classical? Your colors can also be your theme. However make sure to choose colors that complement each other and complement your style, three colors max! Also make sure to be precise with your colors, for example brick red or pale pink to keep the consistency of the color theme throughout the celebration. When you are choosing themes or colors make sure to choose season appropriate colors/themes. Your theme should pull your whole wedding together from food, decorations, to ambience.


Ok, now that you have your theme it is time to make your wedding venue look like a million dollars. Use simple gestures and touches to play into your theme. Add props, decorations and colors to make your guests feel like they just walked into a whole new magical world. This doesn't mean fairy dust and feathers just the world that you have created to celebrate this thrilling time in your life. Also make sure to discuss decoration ideas with your venue site and be aware of any rules or restrictions with decorating.

Assigned Seating

Assigned seating is great not only for your guests but for you as well. A lot of times the families of the bride and groom are meeting for the first time and weddings are the perfect time to celebrate together. It is important to keep your couples together and seat single attendants at the same table so they don't feel intimidated or left out. Seat guests by their personalities and age, for example you don't want to sit your fiancÚs 92 year old grandmother next to your college girlfriends. You could "seat" yourself for disaster. Having assigned seating takes a little time with planning on your part but the day of you will be happy you did!


Your entertainment should equally represent you and your fiancÚ's personality. You should interview several different entertainment vendors to find the right one for you. It is also important that your DJ understands and represents your wedding theme. Check out the suggested vendor questions at to make sure that you ask and are informed on every detail of your entertainment.

Dance Fever

Nobody wants to be the first on the dance floor so you should make a point to get the party started. It is your wedding so you should have all eyes on you. Trust me you won't be alone long, everyone will follow in your footsteps to the dance floor. Keep the adrenaline high all night long, play a variety of songs, old and new, fast and slow, ones that you know that not only you love, but that everyone will enjoy. Work with your DJ prior to the wedding and sketch out a play list, make sure you know what is going to be played and when, to a certain extent. You also have to trust your DJ; they are professionals at getting the party hopping not stopping!

Good Food

Good Party Food can make or break a party; this doesn't mean however that it has to break your bank account. If you are planning on having a large guest list and are working with a limited budget, plan on serving hors d'oeuvres with a variety and build up the presentation with flowers, props and inexpensive decorations. Make less look like more. Discuss your budget with you caterer, he or she may have some great ideas for affordable menu options without making your food presentation seem cheap. You can also make less look like more by having different food stations. Maybe you want the cheese and fruit over by the wine bar and the desserts over by the dance floor. This is not only fun but it presents a well thought-out themed wedding. If you chose to have plated dinners make sure it corresponds with the formality of your wedding. Also allow choices, for example salmon and steak, or a vegetarian dish and chicken. Plated dinners are very elegant however can be very expensive.

Connect With Your Guests

Make your wedding unique and an event that your guests will remember forever. Adventure out of the traditional vows and toasts add flavor to your wedding. Some ideas include; naming your assigned tables to reflect your guests that are seated there or name theme places you and your fiancÚ have traveled, your favorite foods, hobbies, or songs. Display pictures throughout the venue on the gift table, cake table and even on the assigned tables. You can even include pictures of you and the assigned seated guest at their tables. Guests love photo slide shows and these are easy to do and provide entertainment for all..


Planning a wedding can be very stressful and most brides don't realize all the little details that are involved in the actual planning. Get the help of a wedding planning professional and take advantage of vendor discounts, creative planning, and a load off your shoulders! Your only job should be being the bride, allow someone else to wear the stress and you will thank me. If you want to do most of the planning yourself then hire a wedding coordinator for the Day of Coordination only and your wedding will be blissful! If you are interested in speaking with a wedding planner check out and ask for a quote.

About the Author is a FREE online wedding planning service that is free for the bride to plan her entire wedding online. It offers email reminders, budget calcultor, RSVP online and much more.




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